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I love food!!! Does this make me fat ?!? Come follow along on my journey as I discover delicious delicacies and treats!!

Federal Donuts
1219 S. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Monday-Friday: 7am-3pm OR Sell Out
Saturday-Sunday: 7am-7pm OR Sell Out

Federal Donuts has TWO locations: South Philly and Center City. I ALWAYS go to the South Philly location. (Easier access to parking is one reason)

I had heard about Federal Donuts for a while before deciding to try them out. What could be better than Chicken and Donuts?!?

How about: handmade donuts, P.T’s Coffee and Korean-style, twice-fried chicken. The ONLY three things that Federal Donuts specializes in.

My first attempt yielded donuts only!! Butter Pecan and Mint Chocolate — both delicious.

My second attempt yielded an order of half chicken (Four pieces: Split Breast | Thigh | Drumstick) with Buttermilk Ranch Seasoning and a Double Chocolate Donut. I don’t think I have ever ate chicken soo fast!!

My third attempt yielded Buttermilk Ranch Chicken Wings (6) and a half-dozen Fancy Donuts (French Toast x3 | Double Chocolate x3)

It was pricey but worth it.

  • A Fancy donut costs: $2.
  • A Non-Fancy Donut costs $1.25.
  • Chicken comes as: Half: $9 | Whole: $17 | Wings: 6 for $9/12 for $17

They open at 7am and they start frying chicken at 11:45am. I will warn you, get there EARLY because they sell out quickly!! And once they sell out, they close for the day :(

Check out their website: www.federaldonuts.com to view the menu

For Menu Updates

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